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I grew up in the hills of East Tennessee, in a well-educated, articulate, highly creative community. Venturing forth from my hometown at age 17, I attended a small college near Knoxville, and began my career as a music teacher in Taichung, Taiwan. I wound my way from there through grad school in Louisville, KY to a brief sojourn in Georgia, and landed finally, with a husband and two sons in south central Virginia. My career journey has meandered from private music studio to public school classroom, from church organ bench to grant writing and photography. Now, roles are changing again, settling into places that have always been a part of me, yet are only now realizing my best attention. This site is my internal voice as I work through who I have been, who I want to be, and the legacy I want to leave in my wake.


“I’m NOT looking for a new job!” I declared as I tossed an un-revised copy of my resume on Gerry Robinson’s desk. “I’m quite happy where I am! The only reason I am here is because this IS where my … Continue reading

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If you are really blessed, there is the possibility that someone may enter your life and somehow, before you are even fully aware, become a close friend, a confidant, a pal who will go with you on an adventure at … Continue reading

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Let the Chips Fall…

Perhaps I should research a bit to see where this idiom began…but as I think about it literally, I am reminded of those crispy, incredibly crunchy, kettle baked things that are all flavor and calories without a smidge of nutritional … Continue reading

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Many folks have asked us, since we retired, how in the world we stayed in the local church ministry so long (45+ years).  It all goes back to a decision we made after our second“crash and burn” experience in just … Continue reading

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I have been ruminating on an issue that has affected me deeply in recent years. In fact, I have been working on this particular blog entry for more than two months! The advent of the Pandemic exacerbated the problem of … Continue reading

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Some months ago, I wrote a piece about what I can do.  It was written from growing despair as I realized increasing limitations as a Parkinson’s patient…the incessant, inexorable downward spiral as this beast continues to drag me into its clutches.  By focusing on … Continue reading

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20 20

Can anything positive be said about this past year?  We as a society have lost so many, so much; we are left in many ways, empty and alone.  There are some relevant things that we don’t often think about. Perhaps the most … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks in 2020

It’s Thanksgiving. Normally, we are on our way to a relatives home where a major feast is underway. There is laughter, share memories, family stories, coffee, hugs and snuggles…..much like your celebrations, I’m sure. This day in 2020, much like … Continue reading

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly 9 months since I wrote a post for this blog! It feels like we’ve been in suspended animation. When I was a child, I was haunted by a movie in which sensory deprivation was … Continue reading

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Finger Prints

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