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Rocking Chairs & Letting Go

When a new wave of disappointment or depression rolls onto the shore of my existence, I struggle anew with the reality of what Parkinson’s Disease has taken from me. Even with advanced degrees in music, vocal pedagogy and organ, I … Continue reading

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A Trip Through the Mountains

Last Monday, I flew steadily west for most of the afternoon. Headed for Denver. For the Rocky Mountains. With my camera. It was one of those “strike while the iron is hot” moments, when the rest of life’s responsibilities are … Continue reading

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It is a title we bestow on clergy, a form of address for those set apart as ministers or religious leaders, an identity for those who have found a servant towel with their names on it. And today, it is … Continue reading

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I love the word, “Comfort.” I love being comfortable. And I am fascinated by the many guises it takes. It can come in the form of a first cup of coffee or hot tea, early in the quiet of the … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s Disease – Living with It. Moving on…

Friday was “Tweaking Day.” Eight weeks after optimization, I returned to my neurologist for evaluation and adjustments to this imbedded Boston-Scientific device. For the first time since this all begun, I had slept right through the night, off meds. I … Continue reading

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