Things I CAN Do

Get the mail.

Read the mail.


Bring the trashcan back down the hill on trash pickup day.

Remember that it IS trash pickup day.

Decorate the Christmas tree.

Decorate the house for Christmas.

Bake old family recipes.

Wrap gifts.

Shop for gifts (especially on-line!).

Make a mess in the den while I’m crafting and leave it there!

Use a French coffee press.

Load the dishwasher.

Savor sixty years of tree ornaments.

Remember the stories of the tree ornaments!

Correctly set up the ipod (with booster speakers)

Listen to Christmas carols anywhere in the house.

Carry a mug of coffee to the living room without spilling a drop!

Feed the dogs.

Color intricate details in a favorite adult coloring book.

Type letters, journal entries, family nonsense on a Macbook Pro.

Read email.

Delete email.

Text my siblings – all five of them.

Laugh hysterically.

Leave the bed unmade for half a day.

Move a large desk with hutch (halfway through the whole house). All by myself.

Figure out how to move large pieces of furniture. By myself.

When I look at life from this perspective, there is much more that I can do than that I can’t.

Excuse me … The old family recipe for fruitcake is lying open on the countertop. Ingredients are at the ready. There is work (playing) to do.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

About vivace1017

I grew up in the hills of East Tennessee, in a well-educated, articulate, highly creative community. Venturing forth from my hometown at age 17, I attended a small college near Knoxville, and began my career as a music teacher in Taichung, Taiwan. I wound my way from there through grad school in Louisville, KY to a brief sojourn in Georgia, and landed finally, with a husband and two sons in south central Virginia. My career journey has meandered from private music studio to public school classroom, from church organ bench to grant writing and photography. Now, roles are changing again, settling into places that have always been a part of me, yet are only now realizing my best attention. This site is my internal voice as I work through who I have been, who I want to be, and the legacy I want to leave in my wake.
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3 Responses to Things I CAN Do

  1. Linda Moore says:

    Love you and Ed. Thank you for all you do.
    Love, Linda and Jerry

  2. Katherine Long says:

    I love the CAN do list! You left off on of the most important ones though. You can be a friend, and are a friend to many who hold you dear.

  3. Deb Watring says:

    You CAN make me (and I know many other people) smile and be thankful you are in our lives. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with all of us.

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