Saying goodbye

This is Jubilee. I don’t remember where I found him, or even why I bought him in the first place. But, he became one of the most valuable teacher’s aides I ever had. You see, Jubilee introduced all my youngest students to the most basic aspect of music – the steady beat. He would already be dancing with the beat as new classes of kindergarteners arrived in my music room for their weekly 45 minute music lesson. As the children joined in to the movement, the foundations were laid for years of making and enjoying music. Jubilee, turns out, is a very smart monkey!

“How?” I often wondered., “How could such a simple, quiet fellow totally capture an entire class full of wiggling giggling students? He just seemed to know what they would enjoy. And he loved changing outfits to fit the mood and style of the season. His favorite, of course, was Halloween. To match the sixty some spiders that inhabited the music room during the entire month of October, he dressed as the Spider Web!

Those were some of my most favorite days of life as an elementary music teacher. Leaving that job for disability reasons was one of the toughest things I ever had to do. It’s been nearly 9 years since I carried the last box of teaching things to my car …and I still miss being there!

But, life goes on. And with increasing age there is the growing necessity to let go of stuff. LOTS of stuff! Tonight, it is Jubilee’s turn. I rummaged through my over-stuffed closet to find his extra clothing’ I packed several companion puppets and an animated version of Jubilee (used to teach the idea of harmony, duets, etc in class) in a large canvas bag. Last in was Jubilee, but not before a huge hug , a sneeze, a vigorous shake to dislodge the dust, and eyes full of tears at the idea of letting him go.

Jubilee isn’t retiring just yet. He’s moving in with a whole family of musicians. The Mom and at least one of the daughters are music teachers, still busy with the routines of working in the classroom. A consultation with them earlier this week led me to the realization that Jubilee can again have a role teaching music! Just not with me. So, with heavy heart, yet with hope for him in a new home, I will let him go. But the transfer needs to happen soon…or else I might renege on this whole idea.

Tracee and Alyssa, treat him with love and joy. I promise. He will bring the same back to you!

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  1. What a lovely story Kay. You are so talented in so many ways!

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