This site is a work in progress, much like the rest of my life!  And, there is a reason the attendant picture is a forest of tree trunks.  Remember the old adage about not being able to see the forest for the trees?  It is difficult to see the big picture when one is in the middle of trying to live the picture!  Not only am I trying to keep from being overwhelmed by the technology that seems to expand faster than my comprehension, but I am also desperately trying to figure out what has happened to my life…When did I get “old”?  What happened to my health and youthful outlook? How do I add Parkinson’s Disease to the equation, and still keep everything in balance?  I’m afraid I have more questions than answers, more unknowns than realities.  But I write in order to think things out coherently, logically, realistically.  The public aspect of this is not there to invite others’ pity.  Rather, it is to open up to others’ ideas and experiences.   Please, talk to me!  Tell me what you have observed or learned along your own journey.  I value your input and thank you for stopping by.

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